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What is Inklore?

Inklore is an imprint of Random House Worlds publishing the best in manga, manhwa, manhua,  webcomics, and graphic novels, both licensed and original, for adult audiences. Our team is dedicated to celebrating the most popular, fan-driven tropes in visual storytelling, with a focus on the romance, fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and slice-of-life genres.

Under the Oak Tree: Volume 1 (The Comic) by Suji Kim, P, namu

Under the Oak Tree: Volume 1 (The Comic)

Suji Kim, P, namu

Most fairytales end with a wedding and a happily-ever-after—but this is no fairytale. The first volume of the official webcomic based on the hit webnovel by Suji Kim.

When stuttering Lady Maximilian is forced to marry Sir Riftan, a lowborn knight caught in one of her father’s schemes, her stumbling communication and his gruff manner sour their relationship before it can begin. Riftan leaves for war the morning after their disastrous wedding night, and it’s three years before Maxi sees him again.

Now, the husband she barely knows is a war hero. And when he comes home to claim her, Maxi will need to master her own bewildering desire—and Riftan’s—before she can hope to become the true mistress of their enormous castle estate. That task will demand courage from Maxi, even as she struggles to find her own voice.

This volume collects episodes 1-24 of Under the Oak Tree, the #1 webcomic on MANTA.

Under the Oak Tree: Volume 1 (The Novel) by Suji Kim

Under the Oak Tree: Volume 1 (The Novel)

Suji Kim

Most fairytales end with a wedding and a happily-ever-after—but this is no fairytale. The updated and official translation of Under the Oak Tree, the #1 webnovel on MANTA.

The gorgeous first edition hardcover of Under the Oak Tree: Volume 1 (The Novel) will feature designed sprayed page edges, full-color patterned endpapers, silver foil stamping on the cover, and a ribbon bookmark!
Lady Maximilian is the daughter of the powerful Duke Croyso, but she is rarely allowed outside her family’s sprawling castle for fear that her stutter will tarnish their noble name. When she is forced to marry Sir Riftan, a lowborn knight caught in one of her father’s schemes, Maxi doesn’t dare hope for happiness, let alone love. Her stumbling communication and his gruff manner sour their relationship before it can begin, and Riftan leaves without a word the morning after their vows are exchanged.
Now, three years after their disastrous wedding night, Riftan has returned as a war hero. To Maxi’s surprise, despite rumors that he was offered marriage to Princess Agnes, a beautiful and renowned sorceress, Riftan still wants Maxi for his wife. And when he comes to claim her, his longing becomes a desire that bewilders Maxi, even as she is overcome by the scorching heat that Riftan’s presence ignites within her. As she learns to navigate the intricacies of her new life, Maxi will find herself and her courage, and discover that she is anything but powerless.
This volume collects chapters 1-76 of the original webnovel by Suji Kim.
Cover for Cherry Blossoms After Winter: Volume 1 by Bamwoo

Cherry Blossoms After Winter: Volume 1


Despite growing up together, these childhood friends have grown apart. The fan-favorite boys’ love manhwa turned K-drama comes to print for the first time.

Seo Haebom was seven years old when his parents died in an accident. With nowhere else to go, he moves in with the family of his childhood friend Jo Taesung, who suddenly grows cold and distant, destroying their friendship.

Now it’s their senior year of high school and, after years of barely speaking to each other, Haebom and Taesung are in the same class for the first time. Haebom struggles to make friends and is plagued by bullying, but after the handsome and popular Taesung fends off his most persistent bully, everything changes—they sit together at lunch and begin to act like friends again. Haebom is unsure what to make of the shift, but this could be his last chance to mend their relationship.

Volume 1 includes episodes 1–15 of the webcomic Cherry Blossoms After Winter.


My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Volume 4


Could this be love? The fourth volume of the award-winning manga that inspired the anime My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999.

Thanks to Yamada’s attentive care, Akane is recovering from her sudden illness. The experience has made her realize she can’t keep hiding the truth—what she feels for Yamada is more than just friendship.

With encouragement from her friend Momo and gaming guild master Eita, Akane is finally ready to confess her feelings. But Yamada’s busy schedule makes finding the right time seem impossible. Meanwhile, a new player in their guild also harbors a secret crush on Yamada. As the two girls struggle to make their hearts known, will Yamada’s own feelings finally become clear?

Volume 4 includes Chapters 31-40.

Father, I Don't Want this Marriage Volume One

Father, I Don't Want This Marriage: Volume 1

Hong Heesu, Roal, Yuri

A duke’s daughter, despised and outcast by all. A crown prince, feared by even the emperor.
Juvelian is a villainess so universally hated that when she is accused of jealously poisoning the princess of the Ashet Empire, her own father leaves her to die a traitor’s death. Faced with the threat of interrogation by the infamously tyrannical Crown Prince Maximillian, she takes her own life.
And that’s how the story ends—at least, that’s how it was supposed to end.
Now, a reborn Juvelian has joined the cast, and she is determined to rewrite the finale. But even if she manages to change the ending, she will still need to contend with her father’s feral protégé—a young man who sees Juvelian as an obstacle to his dangerous ambitions.
This volume collects episodes 1–14 of the webcomic Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage.
Lore Olympus Postcards by Rachel Smythe

Lore Olympus Postcards

Rachel Smythe

The official Lore Olympus postcard set features 50 pieces of the most iconic art from the hugely popular, Eisner Award–winning Lore Olympus.

Send postcards featuring all your favorite Greek gods and goddesses from Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus. The back of each card has room to inscribe your own personal message, and the front features lavishly illustrated art from the award-winning comic. With 50 pieces that each repeat, for a total of 100 cards, you’ll be able to send dozens of gorgeous postcards to friends or family and keep the rest for your own collection

Lore Olympus: The Official Coloring Book by Rachel Smythe

Lore Olympus: The Official Coloring Book

Rachel Smythe

Dive into the world of Lore Olympus like never before with its first-ever official coloring book, featuring line art of the most iconic scenes from the gorgeous Eisner Award–winning comic.

From Olympus to the Underworld, explore the world of Lore Olympus with this oversize coloring book. Grab your moodiest blues and hottest pinks to color in Hades and Persephone’s first kiss. Snag a stormy purple and the most regal gold for Zeus and Hera, King and Queen of the gods. Find some playful reds and greens to fill in the mischievous Hermes and Poseidon—or take fate into your own hands and redesign the pantheon however you see fit!

Featuring eighty pages of original illustrations on thick paper, this coloring book is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your favorite characters and scenes from the bestselling Lore Olympus series.

A Letter from the Inklore Team

First and foremost, thank you. Inklore is for our readers—in a lot of ways, it’s by our readers—and without them, we never would have had the chance to build this imprint. Our readers have spent years championing stories and creators from around the world that are beloved by so many people, including those of us here at Inklore. 

At its core, being a fan of something means sharing it with as many people as possible. We take what we love and make it big. If you’ve ever spent hours online hunting down the novel that one drama was based on, or the perfect fanfic to scratch the itch of your latest obsession, you’re in the right place.

Inklore is an imprint of Random House Worlds that publishes the best in manga, manhwa, manhua, webcomics, and graphic novels for adults, both young and young-at-heart. Pop culture enthusiasts looking for vibrant, transportive visual storytelling that is emotionally intelligent and indulgent will find a catalogue of the newest, most enticing stories here at Inklore. 

With stunning creators whose work is full of chemistry, escapism, and authenticity, we hope to inspire keyboard-smashing, AO3 ship tags, fanart, and cosplay designs. We aspire for every series to make readers feel like a kid under the covers with a flashlight again, trying to squeeze in one more chapter before sleep. Our incredible writers, artists, and world-builders will bring readers magic, romance, thrills, chills, and the very best slices of the messiest lives. Also, swoopy hair. 

Thank you again for coming with us on this adventure. We are so excited to welcome all of you! 


The Inklore Team

Rachel Smythe Presents

Rachel Smythe Presents

Q: What is Rachel Smythe Presents?
A: Rachel Smythe Presents is a graphic novel program at Inklore that will give a platform to new creators who are looking to tell updated, romantic versions of classic stories and mythologies, and caters to readers looking for bingeable, relationship-driven stories with a distinct visual voice.

Q: Where can I learn more about Rachel Smythe Presents upcoming books?
A: Visit rachelsmythe.com for the latest info, and keep an eye on Rachel Smythe’s and Inklore’s social media channels!

Q: Can I pitch my work for the Rachel Smythe Presents program?
A: At this time, we are not accepting unsolicited pitches for Rachel Smythe Presents.

Q: Where can I find resources about securing representation to pitch my work?
A: You can visit the PRH resources page at https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/articles/how-can-i-get-published/

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